Sunday’s news links – April 5, 2020

TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline facility.

Big Oil is using the coronavirus pandemic to push through the Keystone XL pipeline Guardian

The oil industry saw its opening and moved with breathtaking speed to take advantage of this moment


Ex UN anti-narcotics chief & mob expert says US Treasury running ‘mafia racket’ against Venezuela Grayzone

Class war

Latina Workers in Chicago & Poultry Workers in Virginia Strike Over COVID-19 Payday Report

Luxury NYC stores board up to defend against civil unrest as the largest 24-hour spike in deaths sees 305 perish in the Big Apple, bringing the city total to 1,867 victims Daily Mail

Trump Sent Them to the Coronavirus Front Line but Denied Them Health Care Daily Beast

Almost 20,000 Guardsmen are on orders that keep them ineligible for the Pentagon’s TRICARE system—right as mass unemployment wipes away health care for millions.

High case count among black residents in Mecklenburg a ‘major problem,’ some leaders say Charlotte Observer

Amazon’s Plan To Smear And Silence A Fired Worker Failed: “This Country Needs To Wake Up” Gothamist

EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan and Hamptons’ wealthiest are hiring armed guards for their luxury properties, fearing a coronavirus ‘zombie apocalype’ with desperate criminals trying to break down their doors Daily Mail

Inside the luxurious underground bunkers where the rich bug out NY Post

Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Index: Rich sheltered, poor shafted amid virus

Location Data Says It All: Staying at Home During Coronavirus Is a Luxury NYTimes

Covid-19 coronavirus

Northwell memo calls for rationing ventilators to ‘patients most likely to benefit’ Politico

The Science Says #MaskUp – A Look At Two New Virus Studies

Capitalist crisis

Coronavirus Hasn’t Stopped Jared Kushner’s Real Estate Empire from Hounding Tenants with Debt Collection, Eviction Lawsuits The Intercept

Services Sector Falls off Cliff: First Data Points from the Eurozone where Lockdowns Started Earlier Wolf Street

The Unemployment Rate Is Probably Around 13 Percent NYTimes

“There’s Going to Be Scandal Involved in This Bailout. It Is Unquestionable’ Common Dreams


One year after launch, EU countries and Iran close first deal under INSTEX payment mechanism Peoples Dispatch

The deal was for the supply of medical equipment to Iran. INSTEX was devised in 2018 by Germany, France and the UK as a special purpose vehicle to bypass the unilateral sanctions imposed by the US

Joe Biden says he ‘doesn’t have enough information’ on Iran to have a view. How odd – he negotiated the nuclear deal Independent. Robert Fisk.

Sanctions are crippling Iran’s fight against coronavirus The Guardian. Pirouz Hanachi, mayor of Tehran.

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