Friday’s news links – April 3, 2020

Farmworkers in California.

Class war

Immigrants on the front lines in the coronavirus fight Axios

More than a third of California nurses are immigrants, as well as 29% of nurses in New York and New Jersey

America’s Farmworkers—Now ‘Essential,’ but Denied the Just-Enacted Benefits David Bacon

Farmworkers Are in the Coronavirus Crosshairs Civil Eats

Dear Jeff Bezos, instead of firing me protect your workers from coronavirus Chris Smalls, Guardian

Fired worker: Amazon hid COVID-19 cases and ignored pleas for protection Grayzone

Leaked Amazon Memo Details Plan to Smear Fired Warehouse Organizer: ‘He’s Not Smart or Articulate’ Vice

New York City map reveals poorer neighborhoods have higher rates of coronavirus Daily Mail

Low-income NYC neighborhoods hit hardest by coronavirus: data NY Daily News

Virus hits NYC hardest in a few working-class neighborhoods AP

McDonald’s workers in St. Louis go on strike over unsafe conditions, lost hours, pay cuts St. Louis Business Journal

Rep. Judy Chu Says Attacks on Asian Americans at About 100 per Day Due to Coronavirus Fear AsAmNews

U.S. Plant Workplaces Emerge as Coronavirus Battlegrounds WSJ

The Coronavirus Class War Has Already Started The Nation

The rich pull up the drawbridges Axios

The new coronavirus has struck hardest in working-class neighborhoods in New York City’s outer boroughs, city data shows, underlining how the pandemic has ravaged densely packed lower-income areas where social-distancing guidelines have proved difficult to implement.

The 1,000-Bed Comfort Was Supposed to Aid New York. It Has 20 Patients. NYTimes

“It’s a joke,” said a top hospital executive, whose facilities are packed with coronavirus patients.

In Nation Without Medicare for All, 3.5 Million Workers May Have Lost Employer-Provided Insurance Over Last Two Weeks Common Dreams

One Hospital’s Last Resort to Protect Doctors: Yankee Rain Ponchos NYTimes

Insurers knew the damage a viral pandemic could wreak on businesses. So they excluded coverage. Washington Post

Covid-19 coronavirus

A Ventilator Stockpile, With One Hitch: Thousands Do Not Work NYTimes

The race to find a coronavirus treatment has one major obstacle: big pharma Guardian

New Yorkers Sharing Crowded Apartments Struggle With Coronavirus Quarantines & Social Distancing Gothamist

Why The U.S. Will Drown In Covid-19 Cases Moon of Alabama

New Yorkers Are Right to Be Skeptical of Evangelical-Run Coronavirus Ward in Central Park Daily Beast

Corporate Media Ignores How Privatization of US Hospitals Explains Lack of Beds, Ventilators Common Dreams

Navy fires aircraft carrier captain who raised alarm about virus outbreak Politico

What to Do if You’re Isolated With an Abuser During the Coronavirus Crisis Teen Vogue

Bolivia. On the Verge of a Social Explosion against the Coronavirus Resumen

Capitalist crisis

Cuomo Calls New State Budget “Robust,” Progressives Call It “Republican Austerity Warfare” Gothamist

Memo: Some in US may not get stimulus checks until August AP

Nearly 10 million U.S. jobs have vanished NYTimes

The COVID-19 Fossil Fuel Industry Bailout & How To Fight It Eyes on the Ties

U.S. war drive

US deploys Patriot missile systems in Iraq Peoples Dispatch

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