Thursday’s news links – April 2, 2020

US Blockade Prevents Medical Supplies From Reaching Cuba teleSUR

Trump Uses Coronavirus Briefing to Warn About Drug Cartels Daily Beast … What?!

Trump then announced that the United States was starting “enhanced counter narcotics operations in the western hemisphere.”

Trump: US to Deploy Anti-Drug Navy Ships Near Venezuela U.S. News

Class war

1,000 Immigrant Meatpackers Walk Off the Job in Colorado PayDay Report

Amazon workers in Detroit are set to walk out after a third case of the coronavirus was confirmed there Business Insider

America’s Farmworkers Await the Virus Capital & Main

Farmworkers face coronavirus risk: ‘You can’t pick strawberries over Zoom’ LATimes

Essential and Exposed: Anxiety Spreads Among UPS, FedEx Drivers Bloomberg

Migrant protests take place in Sweden’s Gothenburg despite coronavirus gathering ban RT

In Midst of a Pandemic, Trump’s NLRB Makes it Nearly Impossible for Workers to Organize a Union EPI

After 42 Test Positive for COVID-19, Nurses in Western PA Walk Off Job PayDay Report

Covid-19 coronavirus

China Did Not Deceive Us – Counting Death During An Epidemic Is Really Difficult MoA

Trump Defended Cuts to Public-Health Agencies, on Video

New York City map reveals poorer neighborhoods have higher rates of coronavirus Daily Mail

U.S. war drive

As Trump Lobs Threats and Deploys Missiles, Iran Demands Halt to ‘Warmongering During Coronavirus Outbreak’ Common Dreams

Scoop: Netanyahu shared fake video as proof of Iranian virus cover-up Axios

Despite Calls for Global Ceasefire, Trump Threatens War With Iran Amid COVID-19 Common Dreams

Pentagon Asks to Keep Future Spending Secret FAS

Capitalist crisis

Informal Workers in the Time of Coronavirus C. P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh

The Case for a Rent Moratorium NYTimes

The list of those who won’t get a $1,200 stimulus check is growing — and includes some surprising groups Washington Post

No stimulus check for anyone not filing a tax return. That includes: low-income taxpayers, senior citizens, Social Security recipients, some veterans and individuals with disabilities

Trump Throws Up ‘Outrageous’ Roadblock for Seniors, People With Disabilities in Need of $1,200 Relief Checks Common Dreams

‘Not Enough’: Trump Reversal on Coronavirus Relief Payments Still Leaves ‘Unacceptable’ Barrier for Millions Common Dreams

‘Moving to Rob Us Blind in Broad Daylight’? Trump to Hold In-Person Meeting With Big Oil CEOs to Discuss Coronavirus Relief Common Dreams

The Dark Secrets in the Fed’s Last Wall Street Bailout Are Getting a Devious Makeover in Today’s Bailout Counterpunch

Why We Need Economic Planning Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski

Why coronavirus could spark a capitalist supernova John Smith

Indigenous Peoples

Letter: Continued Racism and Discrimination of Secwépemc Peoples by Continued Construction of Trans Mountain Pipeline without Consent Media Co-op

Engels on nature and humanity Michael Roberts

As we experience yet another pandemic, we know that it was capitalism’s drive to industrialize agriculture and usurp the remaining wilderness that has led to nature ‘striking back’, as humans come into contact with more pathogens to which they have no immunity, just as the Native Americans in the 16th century.

The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth.
Che Guevara on Revolutionary Medicine

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