Monday’s news links – March 30, 2020

On strike

Instacart Shoppers Plan Strike Over Treatment During Coronavirus Patch

As many as 200,000 employees could walk off their jobs on Monday.

Instacart, Amazon Workers Plan To Strike Over Safety Concerns NPR

Amazon workers plan strike at Staten Island warehouse to demand coronavirus protections CNBC

Shut down JFK8 to be cleaned properly Petition by and for Amazon workers

Class war

Jeff Bezos’ inability to get Amazon workers face masks is incredible Business Insider

Truckers step up as coronavirus pumps demand for necessities, but face mounting obstacles Washington Post

‘It’s just despair’: Many Americans face coronavirus with no water to wash their hands NBC News

Billionaires are chartering superyachts for months at a time to ride out the coronavirus pandemic Business Insider

Jacobi Healthcare Workers Demand More N95 Masks As Supplies Run Low Gothamist

‘Like sitting ducks’: Amid coronavirus, families, attorneys sound alarm over ICE detainees NBC

If Sanitation Workers Don’t Work, Nothing Works The Nation

Covid-19 coronavirus

Trump Puts Jared Kushner In Charge Of Ventilator Production

After Receiving $25 Million Coronavirus Bailout, JFK Center Stops Paying Musicians

Evangelist who mocked coronavirus response as anti-Trump “mass hysteria” dies from COVID-19 LGBTQ Nation

Joe Biden coronavirus ad praises Ronald Reagan, seemingly forgetting his handling of the AIDS crisis killed thousands Pink News

Coronavirus Has Killed More in the U.S. Than the War in Afghanistan, Death Toll Soon to Pass 9/11 Newsweek

FDA Approves Trump-Backed Malaria Drugs for Coronavirus Patients Despite Patchy Evidence Daily Beast

MIT-based team works on rapid deployment of open-source, low-cost ventilator MIT News

‘Off the charts’: Virus hot spots grow in middle America AP

Charles Koch Network Pushed $1 Billion Cut To CDC, Now Attacks Shelter-In-Place Policies For Harming Business The Intercept

Cuomo threatens to reject $6.7B in federal aid in favor of Medicaid redesign Politico

Capitalism works?

Insurance premiums could spike as much as 40 percent next year NYTimes

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed. NYTimes

Capitalist crisis

To Fix the Looming Supply Chain Crisis, Nationalize Amazon In These Times

A war economy? Michael Roberts

Coronavirus: A Capitalist Crisis Richard Wolff

US DoD Orders Preparation of ‘Destruction’ Campaign Against ‘Iranian-Backed Groups’ in Iraq – Report

Black-clad men hurl petrol bombs at Hong Kong police station South China Morning Post

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