Saturday’s news links – March 21, 2020

Under the Virus’s Cloak, Trump Pursues Long-Sought Policies NYTimes

From border controls to anti-union efforts, the Trump administration is using the coronavirus to seek policies that the president wanted before the pandemic.

Charter Communications Won’t Let People Work From Home; Fires Critic LaborPress

“Words matter”: Asian Americans confront President Trump’s ‘Chinese Virus’ rhetoric NBC News

Trump is exploiting coronavirus pandemic to ram through union-busting policies Salon


Coronavirus growth for the top 10 countries in the world by the number of cases added March 19.

Covid-19 coronavirus

Coronavirus Is Growing Faster In The United States Than Any Other Country In The World Forbes

Number of coronavirus cases among troops jumps more than 31 percent Military Times

Experts Say the Internet Will Mostly Stay Online During Coronavirus Pandemic Vice

Home users may see problems due to neglected U.S. infrastructure, but the internet overall should be able to weather the storm, experts suggest.

Coronavirus: California prepared to enact martial law if its a ‘necessity’, governor says Independent

Spike reported in Navajo Nation cases Indian Country Today

Total Cost of Her COVID-19 Treatment: $34,927.43 Time

Amazon Indigenous put at risk by Brazil’s feeble Covid-19 response

First Two Coronavirus Cases Confirmed at California Prisons

Expert: US sanctions on Iran, Venezuela during pandemic could be genocidal Grayzone

Bats are not to blame for coronavirus. Humans are CNN

‘Deep cleaning’ doesn’t mean anything. Still, deep cleaners are in high demand LATimes

Deep cleaning is really just a term they use to make the public feel warm and fuzzy

Peace Corps fires 7,300 volunteers because of the coronavirus Washington Post

Trump Uses Coronavirus Press Conference to Confirm He’s an Actual Sociopath Vanity Fair

Wall Street crash

Wall Street’s Crisis Began Four Months Before the First Reported Death from Coronavirus in China; Here’s the Proof Rigged Game

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon gets a 20% raise to $27.5 million CNBC

Capitalist recession

Oil Glut Could Grow To 1 Billion Barrels OilPrice

Canada Prepares Multi-Billion Dollar Bailout For Its Oil Industry OilPrice

The Very Real Prospect Of $5 Oil OilPrice

New Unemployment-Benefits Claims Jump By 70,000 LaborPress

Virus threatens labor for farms, food processors in Pacific Northwest Washington Times

The US is halting visas for Mexican guest workers, and farmers say it’ll disrupt the food supply while grocery stores are already struggling to meet demand Business Insider

Hospitality labor union projects 90% of members could lose jobs over coronavirus ABC News

Unemployment Expected To Exceed Great Recession Levels Gothamist

Up to 1,000% increase in claims: jobless New Yorkers overwhelm system Guardian

New Report Reveals Banks Funded Climate Chaos with Trillions Since Paris Climate Agreement

Using Apple CarPlay Impairs Driver Reaction More Than Alcohol, Study Shows AppleInsider

“Something must be done to save humanity! A better world is possible.” -Fidel Castro

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