Thursday’s news links – March 19, 2020

IMF Refuses Aid to Venezuela in the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis Counterpunch

Report from China: COVID-19 a tale of two systems FightBack! News

An in-depth look at two very different responses to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States and China

“Here in #China, I witnessed a much more concerted response to #COVID19. China’s centrally planned socialist system allowed for widespread and identical action in every single city.”

Covid-19 coronavirus

May 2018: The President Fires the entire US Pandemic Response Team and does not replace it.

New study further proves Wuhan seafood market not the source of COVID-19 CGTN

A View From The Front Lines Of California’s COVID-19 Battle California Healthline

Sick Doctors Are Being Forced to Use Vacation Time if They Get Coronavirus Daily Beast

Nurses say they won’t get paid time off if they catch coronavirus — and it could force them to choose between paying bills or heading to work while sick Business Insider

Coronavirus Pandemic Reveals Just How Devastating the Greed of For-Profit Insurance Industry Has Become Common Dreams

Remember: For-profit insurers are in the business to make a profit. Period.

The US is halting visas for Mexican guest workers, and farmers say it’ll disrupt the food supply while grocery stores are already struggling to meet demand Business Insider

Nissan Workers Forced to Work During COVID-19 in Mississippi Payday Report

Iran Backs China, Calls to Investigate U.S. ‘Creation and Spread’ of Coronavirus Newsweek

Trump Resorts To Racism To Deflect Blame For Pandemic

WHO Now Officially Recommends to Avoid Taking Ibuprofen For COVID-19 Symptoms

Detroit Bus Drivers Win Protections Against Virus Through Strike Labor Notes

The coronavirus is starting to spread on a US Navy warship, and the flattop’s crew is scrambling to stop it Business Inside

Hospital Workers Make Masks From Office Supplies Amid US Shortage Bloomberg

Drug Companies Will Make a Killing From Coronavirus NYTimes

Aggressive testing helps Italian town cut new coronavirus cases to zero Financial Times

Coronavirus response: Navy hospital ship won’t be ready to help NY for weeks CNBC

French Amazon workers protest in coronavirus pushback Reuters

The tech execs who don’t agree with ‘soul-stealing’ coronavirus safety measures Guardian

Big Oil crisis

U.S. Oil Prices Tumble 14%

The Real Oil Demand Shock Is Yet To Come

Oil prices could hit teens in coming weeks as markets crater over coronavirus and price war CNBC

Capitalist recession

Corona Virus And Social Security, Another Grand Bargain?

They have seen how to make money out of the pandemic. Even more, they have seen how to use it to destroy Social Security.

Oil Giant Forced To Furlough 3,500 Workers OilPrice

With Most Members Out Of Work, UNITE HERE Calls For ‘Worker Bailout’ LaborPress

Coronavirus shock will likely claim 3 million jobs by summer EPI

States Can’t Keep Up with Surging Unemployment Claims from Coronavirus Vice

US set to be inundated with jobless claims Financial Times

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