Tuesday’s news links – March 10, 2020

Oil Price Crash: 50% Of U.S. Shale Could Go Bankrupt OilPrice

Trump Prepares Aid Package To Relieve U.S. Oil Producers OilPrice

The Trump Administration will review solutions to the pain felt by US oil producers as oil prices fall to multi-year lows on Monday

COVID-19 coronavirus

New York State’s New Hand Sanitizer Is Made By Prisoners Paid An Average 65 Cents An Hour Gothamist

Is The Coronavirus Really More Dangerous Than The Flu? Moon of Alabama

Things of Capitalism When the Coronavirus Arrives Resumen

Will the Establishment’s Neoliberal Model of Drug Profiteering Finally Kill Us All? Common Dreams

Why is there even a debate on whether any Coronavirus Vaccine Should be Free?

With Working People Most Vulnerable, It’s Time to Get Serious About Economic Response to Coronavirus Common Dreams

New York City’s emergency ‘surge plan’ for a severe pandemic calls for Rikers Island inmates to dig mass graves to bury up to 51,000 bodies as coronavirus cases increase Daily Mail

One chart shows how many coronavirus tests per capita have been completed in 8 countries. The US is woefully behind. Business Insider

With Coronavirus, ‘Health Care for Some’ Is a Recipe for Disaster Editorial Board, NYT. But #MedicareForAll?

The dominoes are set for a recession Axios

While the outbreak itself is unlikely to drive an economic collapse, the U.S. has been something of a ticking time bomb for some time.

  • Growth has declined over the last two years despite higher government spending and a $23.4 trillion national debt.
  • While the labor market has boomed, many of the jobs added have been hourly service-industry positions that offer limited scope for savings or health insurance.
  • 44% of all U.S. workers earn barely enough to live on, a Brookings Institution study found in January.

USA and France dramatically increase major arms exports; Saudi Arabia is largest arms importer, says SIPRI


Explosive Letter Reveals BC Solicitor Lied, Ordered Police Deployment Against Wet’suwet’en

UC’s harsh response to a student strike shows it’s a business more than a university LATimes

ICE rigged its algorithms to keep immigrants in jail, claims lawsuit The Verge

Moscow rally celebrates ‘Woman and the Revolution’

Feminism and communism: March 8 statement by revolutionary women in Donbass

Equality and solidarity: Moldova’s European Left Party takes part in march against violence against women

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