Monday’s news links – March 9, 2020

Women’s Unpaid Labor is Worth $10,900,000,000,000 NYTimes

If American women earned minimum wage for the unpaid work they do around the house and caring for relatives, they would have made $1.5 trillion last year.

Mexican women plan historic strike against femicides openDemocracy

Latin America’s Women’s Day: Huge Marches Across the Continent teleSUR

More than two million Chilean women have taken to the streets against sexual violence during a historic #InternationalWomensDay march in Santiago.

How the socialist behind paid child care and parental leave was erased from women’s history NBC News

Alexandra Kollontai also helped liberalize divorce, gave women access to their own earnings and advocated for women’s right to sexual autonomy.

Capitalist crisis

Stock Market Futures: Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Plunge On Crude Oil Price Wars International Business Times

Oil Prices Crash 25% As Oil War Begins OilPrice

Oil suffers rout after Saudi Arabia fires first shot of price war Reuters

Good Morning America, All Heck Broke Loose in the Markets Overnight Wolf Street

Crude Oil Collapses 32%, US Stock Futures Plunge nearly 5%, 10-year Treasury Yield Gets Closer 0%, Gold Jumps to $1,700, Asian Stocks Plunge, Nikkei -6%.

Demand for Fed’s Repo Loans Surges Past $100 Billion a Day as 10-Year Treasury Hits Lowest Rate in 149 Years Wall Street on Parade

 From the Wall Street Journal:

Oil plunged more than 25%, 10-year Treasury yields dipped below 0.5%, stocks dropped, and currencies swung as the prospect of an energy glut ratcheted up turmoil across markets world-wide.

Investors are responding to Saudi Arabia’s decision over the weekend to cut most of its oil prices and boost output, despite existing threats to demand from the coronavirus epidemic. The move escalates a clash with another major oil producer, Russia.

“The fear today is about a global recession,” said Thomas Hayes, chairman of Great Hill Capital, a hedge fund-management firm based in New York. He said lower oil prices make it more likely some companies would default on their debts.

‘Outrageous,’ Says Bernie Sanders as Filings Show Top Healthcare CEOs Raked in Combined $300 Million in 2019 Common Dreams

COVID-19 coronavirus

Leaked coronavirus plan to quarantine 16m sparks chaos in Italy Guardian

Tourism is 10% of GDP in France, 13% in Italy, 15% in Spain. And Now it’s in Free Fall

How Long Will It Take to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine? New Yorker

Airlines are burning thousands of gallons of fuel flying empty ‘ghost’ planes so they can keep their flight slots during the coronavirus outbreak Business Insider

Testimony of a surgeon working in Bergamo, in the heart of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak Reddit. Italian Original: Coronavirus a Bergamo, medico Humanitas su Facebook: «Situazione drammatica, altro che normale influenza».

Coronavirus Hits America Where It’s Weakest With Big Health Gaps Bloomberg

Amazon Flex drivers won’t be paid if they have to stay home due to coronavirus, but Uber’s will The Verge


The Israeli Army Doesn’t Have Snipers on the Gaza Border. It Has Hunters Haaretz

’42 Knees in One Day’: Israeli Snipers Open Up About Shooting Gaza Protesters Haaretz

Indonesian indigenous land defenders jailed in fight with pulpwood giant

Lebanon to default on debt for first time amid financial crisis Guardian

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