Sunday’s news links – March 8, 2020


Why the working-class, socialist history of International Women’s Day matters today Counterfire

COVID-19 coronavirus

Activists urge Baltimore officials to support the vulnerable, be proactive in preparing for arrival of coronavirus Baltimore Sun

A look at how Indigenous organizations are addressing COVID-19 APTN

The coronavirus could the U.S. harder than other wealthy countries Washington Post

Epidemics emerge along the fissures of our society, reflecting not only the biology of the infectious agent, but patterns of marginalization, exclusion and discrimination. The United States has many open wounds rooted in decades of racist policies and the criminalization of poverty. The coronavirus is likely to reveal deep failures and reinforce existing health inequities.

Nonstop Acela trains between Washington and New York suspended due to coronavirus 

COVID-19 in Africa

Quartz Africa: The last fortnight has been a rude awakening for Sub-Saharan Africa as fears of the coronavirus’s inevitable arrival were realized. First in Nigeria, then Senegal, then South Africa, Cameroon, and Togo.

The numbers are still low as of press time, with Senegal’s four confirmed cases and South Africa’s two the only countries with multiple cases to date. That won’t last of course. The ease with which the virus spreads means there will likely be at least several more cases if not many, many more.

Contrary to early speculation, the close integration of China and Chinese people into Africa’s economies over the last few decades has not been the key vulnerability when it comes to an outbreak, even though it started in China’s Hubei province. Instead, most (so far) of the cases in Africa have come via older trading partners in Europe, including France and Italy.

North Africa, with closer ties to Europe by way of proximity, long-term migration, trade and tourism, has seen coronavirus case numbers jump in Algeria and Egypt in particular.

A lethal epidemic that ‘decimated’ and ‘annihilated’ Indigenous people Indian Country Today

Melania Trump tweets about her excitement for a new White House tennis pavilion as the country battles the coronavirus Business Insider

Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups NYTimes


Indigenous Youths Arrested in Victoria in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en — March 4, 2020 Videos


Maduro says US is hatching plans for war against Venezuela Tass

Bolivia coup

OAS helped undermine, not restore, democracy in Bolivia Washington Post


Delhi Riots, the Aftermath: The Tyranny of Majoritarian Politics Is on Full Display The Wire

Muslim women of India rising Qantara

Anti-racism charity confirms Ken Loach as judge for its School Competition Artists for Palestine UK

“We believe that demands for Ken Loach’s removal as a competition judge reflect political differences, including over Israel-Palestine,” stated a letter of support to the charity. “Misplaced accusations of anti-Semitism against Ken Loach risk degrading the real threat of anti-Semitism and other forms of racism.”

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