Thursday’s news links – March 5, 2020

U.S. Breaks Its Just Signed Agreement With The Taliban Moon of Alabama

US launches airstrike against Taliban The Hill

COVID-19 coronavirus

A View From China Of Covid-19 People’s Voice

Virus Testing Blitz Appears to Keep South Korea Death Rate Low Bloomberg

U.S. Hospitals Say They’re Ready for Coronavirus. Their Infection Control Violations Say Otherwise. ProPublica

What makes a disease go viral? Lee Humber

Lee Humber finds the true origins of the Coronavirus epidemic in the innards of the food industry.

Disease, debt and depression Michael Roberts

The illnesses and deaths that come from COVID-19 is not the worry of the strategists of capital. They are only concerned with damage to stock markets, profits and the capitalist economy.

How profit makes the fight for a coronavirus vaccine harder Guardian

“COVID-19 Added to this Uncertainty:” Orders & Sales of Heavy Trucks & Medium-Duty Trucks Plunge in the US Wolf Street

Jet fuel woes set to linger as coronavirus sickens global aviation Reuters

Climate Change Will Turn These Common Foods Toxic Vice

Indigenous Peoples

Re-Affirming Indigenous Citizenships: Two Spirit Family-Making And The Future Of Belonging

2020 elections

Wall Street, Encouraged by Biden’s Wins, Breaks Out Its Checkbooks NYTimes

Capitalism Is Rallying Behind Joe Biden Vice

Health care stocks surge after Biden’s Super Tuesday wins Axios

Top French court deals blow to Uber by giving driver ’employee’ status Reuters

No Limits. The Disabled People’s Movement: A Radical History – book review

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