Sunday’s news links – March 1, 2020

COVID-19: WHO-China joint mission says China’s handling of the disease is historic Peoples Dispatch

Coronavirus – Its Time To Press Your Government To React Faster Moon of Alabama

The New York Times abuses the coronavirus pandemic to push more of its anti-China propaganda … When a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown origin appeared in Wuhan the first reaction was of course confusion and not an immediate large scale response. Yes, China could have been a bit faster and some local administrators made mistakes, but who please, if not the Chinese government, has since led the global fight against the novel coronavirus?

The report of the WHO mission to China is lauding it for good reasons:

China’s bold approach to contain the rapid spread of this new respiratory pathogen has changed the course of a rapidly escalating and deadly epidemic. A particularly compelling statistic is that on the first day of the advance team’s work there were 2478 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in China. Two weeks later, on the final day of this Mission, China reported 409 newly confirmed cases. This decline in COVID-19 cases across China is real.

Nation’s Hospitals Unprepared for COVID-19 National Nurses United

You Don’t Need a Face Mask for Coronavirus Wirecutter

An American Evacuated From China Was Quarantined on CDC Orders, Then Got a Bill for It Intercept

Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back Its Ability to Detect the Potential Spread of Coronavirus ProPublica

Cronyism and Conflicts of Interest in Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force Intercept

Sidelining Scientists Can Only Make COVID-19 Worse Scientific American

CNN Host Michael Smerconish Rebuked for Comparing Sanders Surge to Spread of Coronavirus Common Dreams

Syracuse University

#NotAgainSU protest shuts down 2 blocks of city streets near Syracuse University

Assange and Manning

‘Same Web of Corruption’: Pro-Assange Protesters Rally Outside Jail Holding Manning, Hammond Sputnik

The fall of socialist Bolivia shows how crucial it is to create a dictatorship of the proletariat OpEdNews


What Happened in Delhi Was a Pogrom The Atlantic

Imran likens Delhi riots to Hitler’s anti-semitic pogrom Pakistan Today

Exclusive: Indian refiners plan to wind down Venezuelan oil buys in April – sources Reuters

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