Saturday’s news links – Feb. 29, 2020

Covid-19 coronavirus

Did U.S. Sanctions on Iran Help Coronavirus Spread Undetected? National Interest

Lack of paid sick days and large numbers of uninsured increase risks of spreading the coronavirus Economic Policy Institute

Amazon tells all 798,000 employees to halt travel, in US and internationally, over coronavirus fears Business Insider

Exclusive: U.S. mulls using sweeping powers to ramp up production of coronavirus protective gear Reuters

Wilbur Ross Says Coronavirus Could Bring Jobs Back to the U.S. NYTimes (selling the Brooklyn Bridge?)

Pence Will Control All Coronavirus Messaging From Health Officials NYTimes

Trump seeks a ‘miracle’ as virus fears mount CNN

Oil prices on track for biggest weekly fall in four years Reuters


Bomb threat made against Wet’suwet’en and Tyendinaga Mohawks as far right escalates talk of violence Ricochet

Clearing the lands has always been at the heart of Canada’s Indian Policy Globe & Mail

Black History Month

Our View of Black History Has Radically Shifted in a Few Short Years In These Times

The case for reparations and The 1619 Project have focused attention on what makes African Americans distinct.

Member of ‘Central Park Five’ rips Bloomberg: ‘Don’t be bamboozledNew York Post

U.S. war drive

US Military Building Presence in Saudi Arabia for First Time in 17 Years MPN

99.9 Percent Of US Citizens Unaware Of Largest US War Game In Europe In 25 Years Oped News

US Army Plans ‘Guerrilla Freedom Fighters’ Exercise in Rural North Carolina Towns Sputnik


Julian Assange Hearing Day Four Craig Murray

This Assange “Trial” Is A Self-Contradictory Kafkaesque Nightmare Caitlin Johnstone


Turkey’s invasion of Syria turns sour Asia Times

Syrian state media: Turkish-backed militants hit hard in Idlib

Ted Cruz tried to mock AOC’s scientific knowledge – it didn’t end well Guardian

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