Wednesday’s news post – Feb. 26, 2020


‘Highly inappropriate’: Hereditary chief slams Crown corporation for considering giving loan to Coastal GasLink amidst Wet’suwet’en protests Toronto Star

Health professionals call for a moratorium on Coastal GasLink construction permits Ricochet

Relatives comfort Maria Guadalupe Guereca as she mourns at her son’s grave in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in 2012. Her son Sergio was shot and killed by a U.S. Border Patrol agent at the border near Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Texas, in 2010.

Supreme Court rules Mexican parents can’t sue Border Patrol agent who killed their son NBC


Black Lung Benefits Drop For Kentucky Coal Miners After Controversial Law Change 100 Days in Appalachia

In Amarillo, Copper Workers’ Strike Enters Fourth Month with No End in Sight Texas Observer

U.S. Soccer’s new defense, Blame the women’s union Reuters

USAID Thieves in Latin America Resumen

Bernie Sanders Plunges to First Place Common Dreams

Wall Street

Coronavirus doesn’t tell the full story behind Dow’s plunge Axios


Venezuela’s Next Economic Shock Might Come From India’s Compliance With US Sanctions Orinoco Tribune

CNN features fascist-adjacent activist as expert on Russian disinfo Yasha Levine

Julian Assange was ‘handcuffed 11 times and stripped naked’ Guardian

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