Sunday’s news links – Feb. 23, 2020

Carmen Cruz, center, speaks at a news conference with several activists to denounce the violence against her son, Erick Díaz Cruz, Friday, Feb. 21, 2020 in New York. The 26-year-old Mexican tourist, who works as an assistant to the mayor of the Mexican city of Martínez de la Torre, was visiting his mother Feb. 6 when he was shot by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer during an altercation.

Mother of Mexican tourist shot by ICE agent demands justice AP

To This Group, Labor Is More Than a ‘White Man Who Works in a Factory’ NYTimes

The National Domestic Workers Alliance, a nonprofit organization working to raise labor standards for nannies, housekeepers, home health aides and others. … She supports Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, she said, not only because of his labor advocacy but also because “Medicare for All,” his signature policy proposal, would help her take care of her daughter.

How Young Latinos Delivered Nevada to Tío Bernie Aída Chávez

“There are like a vast majority of people sitting in the Bernie side of the caucus,” Archila told me. “Brown people, mostly, who believe that a new world is possible, that it is entirely within our reach to have health care and free college and to end deportations and I’m so moved by the hopefulness of people in a moment of so much darkness, and that’s why I’m crying.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Likens Bernie’s Strong Nevada Showing to France Falling to Nazi Germany in WWII Daily Beast

Who said it – Trump or Bloomberg? Take our revealing quiz Arwa Mahdawi

Bloomberg is indisputably on the record saying things that make it clear he is simply a richer version of Trump


Kickstarter Workers Now OPEIU Members Labor Press

Washington Still Pondering a Naval Blockade Against Venezuela teleSUR

Trump’s trickle dries up Michael Roberts

G20 and COVID-19 Michael Roberts

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