Thursday’s news links – Feb. 20, 2020


The Wet’suwet’en Take Another Anti-Pipeline Struggle Mainstream New Republic

All Eyes on Wet’suwet’en: International Call for Solidarity! Unist’ot’en

Frustrated CN execs complain blockades have delayed dozens of oil tanker derailments The Beaverton

Facebook blocks Wet’suwet’en supporters, as San Francisco Indigenous Youths Lock Down Censored News

Chelsea Manning’s Lawyers Demand Her Release, Decry ‘Punitive’ Incarceration Common Dreams

Racial Inequalities in Housing Extend to Flood Buyout Programs Scientific American

Capitalist crisis

It Gets Surprisingly Ugly: US Freight Shipments Plunge 9.4%, Steepest since 2009 Wolf Street

The white swan harbingers of global economic crisis are already here Guardian

Mapped: Visualizing the True Size of Africa Visual Capitalist


Fairfax Connector bus operators might strike again Washington Post

Trump to waive federal contracting laws to speed construction of border wall The Hill

Raise To $11hr Not Enough for Airport Workers Forbes

Food workers protest at Kennedy Airport for higher pay

Solidarity? Rep. Tlaib detained during protest in Detroit, others arrested

Bay Area Safeway Workers To Hold Rallies, Call For Higher Wages


Coronavirus may become ‘new flu’ but China ‘can weather’ economic storm SCMP

The biggest breakdown yet of novel coronavirus cases suggests that 80% are mild. Some patients don’t show symptoms at all. Business Insider

Millionaires Have Officially Stopped Paying Into Social Security TruthDig

Categorically Debunking the Claim that China is Imperialist Orinoco Tribune

The idea that China is an imperialist power is a very useful ideological tool for the propagandists of the U.S. empire. It morally justifies Washington’s attempts to continue dominating the world through invasions, coups, and economic warfare by presenting Beijing as an equivalent or worse imperialist oppressor. It also turns many American anti-imperialists away from supporting China by convincing them that this rising anti-U.S. power is just another empire.

Bloomberg Said Young People Support Bernie Because They’re Dumb Vice

Boots Riley explains why he’s voting for the first time in his life

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