Sunday’s news links – Feb. 16, 2020

A black student left his team bus to stretch. Police swarmed and put a gun to his head, lawsuit says. Washington Post

Trump Is Sending Elite Border Patrol Units to Make Arrests in Sanctuary Cities Rolling Stone

One hundred agents with Special Forces-type training have been deployed to help with arrests of undocumented people across cities nationwide

‘I Think People Will Starve.’ Experts Are Worried About the Hundreds of Thousands Who Could Lose Food Stamps Come April Time

In January, trade unions and members of the Yellow Vest movement stormed the historic Le Centorial building in Paris, where BlackRock has its offices.


BlackRock Becomes a Symbol for Anticapitalist Fervor in France NYTimes

Covid-19 coronavirus

Quarantined cruise ship passenger speaks out against US coronavirus evacuation plan Fox

Black History Month

There Have Been 10 Black Senators Since Emancipation Elected 150 years ago, Hiram Revels was the first. Eric Foner

Red Nation Rally in Solidarity with Palestine Relatives in Santa Fe

Billionaires for president

Oligarch Buys Political Party – Seeks to Become President MoA

Mike Bloomberg is the world’s ninth richest person. An oligarch known for strong racism and insulting sexism who once was the Republican mayor of New York City. He since decided that he wants to become president.

‘Cokehead, Womanizing, Fag’: Michael Bloomberg’s Book of ‘Wisdom’ Resurfaces Daily Beast

Michael Bloomberg rocked by re-emergence of sexist remarks Guardian

New Cold War

Pompeo’s Sinophobic Pressure Campaign Runs Amok at National Governors’ Association Convention Fort Russ

U.S. Says It Has Thwarted $6 Billion Russia-Germany Gas Pipeline Bloomberg

‘The West is winning,’ U.S. tells China; France wary Reuters

Big Pharma

The Cancer Industry: Hype vs. Reality Scientific American

Cancer medicine generates enormous revenues but marginal benefits for patients

The story of the pharma giant and the African yam The Conversation

Improving the prognosis of health care in the USA  The Lancet

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