Friday’s news links – Feb. 7, 2020

Solidarity Actions Blockade Ports, Highways, And Rails After RCMP Raids Wet’suwet’en Territory

‘Colonialism In All Its Ugliness’: Indigenous Land Defenders Condemn Violent Police Raid on Camp Blocking Pipeline Construction CommonDreams

Tribal leaders call Bears Ears opening an ‘unlawful action’ Indian Country Today

Canadian Town Evacuated After Another Oil Train Derails and Burns DeSmog

Capitalist politics

Don’t Let Corporate Media or DNC Fool You — Sanders Scored a Big Win in Iowa Truthout

The New York Times’ Impeachment Coverage Is a Total Farce Truthout

Bloomberg Surrogates Have Seats on DNC Rules Committees Sludge

Acronym group that sabotaged Iowa caucus birthed by billionaire who funded Alabama disinformation campaign Monthly Review

Detained Migrants Sue Private Prison Company Over $1 Per Day Wages RoF

2019-nCoV coronavirus

The racist art of naming a virus Salon

The rhetoric around 2019-nCoV — the “Wuhan coronavirus” — plays on centuries-old racist sentiments against Asians

The Virus Killing U.S. Kids Isn’t the One Dominating the Headlines Daily Beast

How deadly is the new coronavirus? Research so far suggests the fatality rate could be low. Business Insider

The coronavirus exposes the history of racism and “cleanliness” Vox

Embassy Protectors Will Not Be Able to Tell Jury Guaido Is Not President, or Mention International Law Resumen

Argentina’s Indigenous Children Are Dying Because Of Agribusiness Resumen

Right-wing Nicaraguan opposition boasts of support from US and EU in campaign to oust Sandinista gov Grayzone

Brooklyn Man Shot By ICE Officer Arresting Allegedly Undocumented Immigrant Gothamist


California Child Care Workers Will Hold The Biggest Union Election In Years HuffPost

The Airport Workers Who Starved Themselves in the Super Bowl’s Shadow

Union workers protest possible bus privatization at MBTA

‘Stand Up, Fight Back!’ Construction Workers Jeer New York Construction Alliance’s Record On Wage Theft And Safety LaborPress

Renowned Malian Musician Says TSA “Completely Destroyed” His Custom-Made Kora Instrument Gothamist

Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin Pardoned 67 Years After Being Jailed For Having Sex With Men The Root

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