Tuesday’s news links – Feb. 4, 2020

With Sanders headed to victory, Iowa Democratic Party blocks release of caucus results

Amid Iowa Results Debacle, Sanders Campaign Signals Victory by Releasing Portion of Its Internal Caucus Data CommonDreams

Pro-Israel Buttigieg backer Seth Klarman is top funder of group behind Iowa’s disastrous voting app Max Blumenthal


Sustainable Development and Food Security in Cuba: A Mystery to the Rest of the World tremr


Cuban doctors in China to reinforce medical command center established in our embassy Granma

Coronavirus plus Racism Resumen

China blasts US for no help in virus fight Global Times

Ukraine: U.S.-owned hotel in Odessa bans Chinese guests

Britain’s Productivity Decline Is the Worst in 250 Years Bloomberg

Sadness And Worry After 2 Men Connected To Butterfly Sanctuary Are Found Dead NPR

Fireflies Have a Mating Problem: The Lights Are Always On NYTimes


Locked-Out Canadian Oil Workers Blockade Refinery LaborPress

NYC Housing Plan Leaves Behind Lowest-Income Households LaborPress

Exxon: An Oil Giant In Crisis OilPrice

Nazi collabo families and racist propaganda in the New York Times Yasha Levine, Immigrants as a Weapon

News Flash: Billionaires Don’t Like Socialism FAIR

Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior PNAS

Slaughterbots Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons, YouTube

‘1917’ and the Trouble With War Movies The Ringer

“Every film about war ends up being pro-war,” Francois Truffaut once said. Despite the visual achievements of this year’s Best Picture front-runner, that sentiment may still hold true.

PARASITE: Deplorables, South Korea Style Prairie Miller

Director Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, Okja) presents a condescending, pessimistic portrayal of human nature, bereft of class consciousness or ideology. And a working class whose sole motivation is to go to extremes, or aspiring to do so, to replace when not feeding off the economic class exploiting them – and in the process eliminating any potential workingclass competitors as well.

I used to be a libertarian. Then the US healthcare system taught me how wrong I was Independent

Padma Lakshmi stirs controversy by wearing a Colin Kaepernick shirt in support of the ‘courageous’ former 49ers quarterback before the Super Bowl Daily Mail

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