Friday’s news links – Jan. 31, 2020


Coronavirus: Why China’s Strategy to Contain the Virus Might Work IPS

China: Grassroots efforts in rural areas help control epidemic Global Times

Racism shows ugly side as China fights coronavirus Global Times

China’s virus response has been ‘breathtaking’ Pepe Escobar

Pompeo names ‘the central threat of our times’ and guess what it is… It’s the Chinese Communist Party

How Sars started – and ended The Week

How did it end?
A raft of measures were taken to contain the outbreak. These included isolating Sars patients and quarantining people who had been exposed to the virus. … Then, after four months of fear, as quickly as it emerged, Sars vanished

SARS 2013: 10 Years Ago SARS Went Around The World, Where Is It Now? HuffPost

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous activists file complaint, allege Victoria police caused ‘multiple’ injuries at protest CTV

The Forgotten Bear River Massacre May Be The Deadliest Native American Slaughter Ever

Segment Of Trump’s Border Wall Falls Over Into Mexico Due To Wind HuffPost


Nurses, staff launch three-day strike in Issaquah, Wash.

Harassment, injury claims spurred union at Portland bakery

Brockville Women’s Shelter Employees Join Steelworkers Union

Environmental Voices Team Up with Teamsters to Fight Amazon Airport Terminal

Flight attendants sue Boeing over design they say causes ‘toxic’ cabin air Chicago Tribune


Cuba is Testing Products Against Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease MPN

While demonized in the United States, the Cuban government has built a comprehensive nationalized healthcare system based on preventative medicine, rather than the curative model the U.S. employs

Asela de los Santos Tamayo – 1929-2020

Asela de los Santos Tamayo, a prominent Cuban revolutionary, considered a founder of Cuba’s emancipatory education, died in the dawn hours yesterday, January 23, at the age of 90

The U.S. is recycling its big lie about Iraq to target Iran NOC

Social media giants disappear popular Iranian & Venezuelan accounts Anya Parampil

‘An Admission of Colossal Failure’: US Dropped Record Number of Bombs on Afghanistan in 2019 Common Dreams

Brexit: US insists chlorinated chicken must be on menu in any UK trade agreement Independent

French firefighters to return to work on February 1 after government concedes demands Peoples Dispatch

lhan Omar Asked About the Dreams Student Debt Kills, and the Internet Answered Teen Vogue

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