Thursday’s news links – Jan. 30, 2020

The Genocide Bowl (or what most people call Super Bowl LIV) Indian Country Today

Most San Francisco and Kansas City fans don’t know the histories behind the team names



Scientists are unraveling the Chinese coronavirus with unprecedented speed and openness Washington Post

Canada’s Chinese community faces racist abuse in wake of coronavirus Guardian

Coronavirus Misinformation Is Spreading All Over Social Media Bloomberg

Racist rants, dubious claims surface in wake of outbreak

US will keep tariffs on China even if coronavirus starts hurting growth, Trump advisor Peter Navarro says CNBC


Meet the Candidates Taking on Bolivia’s US-Backed Right Wing Government MPN


US Announces Three New Bases in Iraq After Iraqis Demand Full Withdrawal MPN

CIA chief ‘behind Soleimani’s assassination’ killed in downed plane in Afghanistan Middle East Monitor


France: Riot Police Beat up Striking Firefighters as Media Looks the Other Way MPN

North Korea: Kim Jong-un’s Aunt Appears Alive After Six Years of Media Saying He Killed Her MPN

A West Coast union faces bankruptcy. Here’s why unions nationwide are unnerved LA Times

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union traces its roots to a 1934 strike that claimed the lives of two men commemorated by silhouettes marked on a sidewalk in front of Local 10, the organization’s San Francisco chapter. The ILWU’s motto — “An injury to one is an injury to all” — attests to the wariness and solidarity of its 15,000 waterfront members, handsomely compensated blue-collar workers already threatened by port automation.

Few of those workers could have imagined that an obscure feud over two dockside jobs in Portland, Ore., would jeopardize the whole union, whose members line up daily at hiring halls to operate cranes, trucks and machinery in ports from San Diego to Bellingham, Wash. But a $94-million federal jury award Nov. 4 to ICTSI Oregon Inc., a cargo terminal operator, has forced union leaders to warn that a filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection may be ahead.

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