Tuesday’s news links – Jan. 28, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak: WHO’s decision to not declare a global public health emergency explained The Conversation


New Emails Show Trump Admin Exploited Wildfires to Help Logging Industry DeSmog

‘I was risking my life’: why one in four US women return to work two weeks after childbirth Guardian

Indigenous Peoples

Woman whose ancestors stole entire continent suspects Indigenous person shoplifting Walking Eagle News


In Venezuela, Encounter Against Imperialism brings together militants from 5 continents Peoples Dispatch


Nigerian Trade Union Leader Murdered ROAPE

Metal workers in Turkey.


130,000 metal workers in Turkey to go on strike for better wages Daily Sabah

Death Toll Climbs in Turkey Earthquake; More than 1,600 Injured Weather.com

France admits its police are too violent The Economist

Warren Buffett Is One of the World’s Richest Fossil-Fuel Billionaires Bloomberg

Meet the CEOs Raking It in from Trump’s Aggression Toward Iran FPIF


Bolivia Taps Lobby Firm Hired to Sell the Coup in Honduras The Intercept


Beaten, mutilated and forced to undress: Inside Chile’s brutal police crackdown against protesters Independent

1,056 Feet: Why I Needed the 1619 Project Growing Up History News Network

The Alabama Communists in Days of Yore LAWCHA

Liberation of Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz by Soviet Army Peoples Dispatch

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