Monday’s news links – Jan. 27, 2020

Cities Prepare for the Worst as Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts Near NYTimes

Something Far Deadlier Than The Wuhan Virus Lurks Near You Kaiser Health News

Bolivia coup

Interim Bolivian government taps the same lobby firm hired to sell the 2009 coup in Honduras Intercept

Salvadoran general admits army carried out infamous 1981 massacre Reuters

Protesters chanted “always was, always will be Aboriginal land.”

Indigenous Peoples

Six Things Indigenous People Want You To Know This Survival Day HuffPost

“Australia Day” history taught in schools is often whitewashed. Indigenous people tell us what they want all Australians to know about January 26.

Tens of thousands attend ‘Invasion Day’ rallies across Australia SBS News

Warrior Women: #WARNRidesAgain

In Peru, ‘They Teach You To Be Ashamed,’ Indigenous Trans Candidate Says IBT


1.3 million French workers hit the streets against pension reform Peoples Dispatch


Kolkata: Thousands form 11-km human chain to protest against citizenship law and NRC Scroll

7 million people take part in human chain against India’s divisive citizenship law Peoples Dispatch

CPP dares Duterte to terminate VFA

NY Times admits it sends stories to US government for approval before publication The Grayzone

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