Tuesday’s news links – Jan. 21, 2020

Mexico: Home Depot workers seek 20% pay hike, threaten to strike in 13 states

Smash capitalism

Most people think capitalism does more harm than good, survey shows CNBC

Blaming ‘Flawed and Sexist’ Capitalist System, Oxfam Report Finds 2,153 Billionaires Wealthier Than 4.6 Billion of World’s Poorest Common Dreams

U.S. war drive

Former Nuremberg War Crimes Prosecutor on the Immoral Killing of the Iranian General Benjamin B. Ferencz


82nd Airborne Division to train with Colombian paratroopers AP


Evo Morales announces MAS candidates for general elections in May Peoples Dispatch


In France’s longest protests since 1968, striking workers continue the fight against neoliberalism Monthly Review

Trail of Tears, Robert Lindneu (1942). (Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine)

Slavery, and American Racism, Were Born in Genocide The Nation

Martin Luther King Jr. saw something essential about our nation: Imperial expansion west over stolen Indian land shaped and deepened the American Revolution’s relationship to slavery.

A new book argues that many seemingly isolated rebellions are better understood as a single protracted struggle.

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