Monday’s news links – Jan. 20, 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Our Nation was Born in Genocide Native News Online

Injuries at Fresno’s Amazon warehouse double California’s industry average Fresno Bee

Windowless underground sleeping pods could rent from $1K/month NY Post

Here’s How the Fake Unemployment Number Was Created to Subdue Anger Against Wall Street Rigged Game

Even chairmen of the Fed, former and present, concede that today’s reported unemployment rate of 3.5 percent is statistically impossible.

A 2020 Reminder: 55% of US Women Between 18 and 54 Would Rather Live Under Socialism Than Capitalism Common Dreams


USAID Admits it has Given $467 Million to the Venezuelan Opposition Since 2017 Resumen


Iraqi Oil Field Halts as Reform-Driven Protests Escalate Bloomberg

DisruptJ20 Protests Should Be Remembered As Part of the Anti-Trump Resistance Teen Vogue

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