Friday’s news links – Jan. 17, 2020

United Teachers Los Angeles statement on fuel dump by Delta

UTLA is horrified by the dumping of airline fuel on neighborhoods in Southeast and South LA. These great communities, the residents of which have contributed so much to Los Angeles and surrounding cities, have historically borne the brunt of many environmentally racist policies and practices. The culprits of this environmental racism have so often been large corporations, polluting the air or leaving development sites as hazards, and more. In this case, Delta must be held accountable and must make right the damage caused not only to students’ and school staff’s health, and not only to school facilities, but also to health impacts and damages across these communities that have deeply affected the families of our students and their friends.

‘Teacher of the Year’ kneels during anthem at college football championship attended by Trump ABC News

About half of Detroit water shutoffs are still off Free Press

NYT’s 1619 Project Elicits Bizarre Ivy League Screed, Dr. Gerald Horne Responds

The Silicon Valley Economy Is Here. And It’s a Nightmare. New Republic

US Freight Shipments Plunge at Fastest Rate since 2009, Hit 2011 Level: This is Getting Surprisingly Ugly Wolf Street

Milwaukee meets Trump with huge protest FightBack! News

‘World Economy Would Collapse’ If City of London Stopped Laundering Money, Says HSBC Whistleblower Sputnik

Puerto Rico

Trump Attaches Severe Restrictions to Puerto Rico’s Long-Delayed Disaster Aid NYTimes


More military and police presence on Bolivian streets Prensa Latina


Colombia’s anti-government protests to resume on January 21 Colombia Reports

Who Targeted Ukraine Airlines Flight 752? Iran Shot It Down But There May Be More to the Story Philip Giraldi

The claim that Major General Qassem Soleimani was a “terrorist” on a mission to carry out an “imminent” attack that would kill hundreds of Americans turned out to be a lie, so why should one believe anything else relating to recent developments in Iran and Iraq?


Bus strike in Northern Virginia could be coming to end after a tentative agreement

Teamsters Local 320 Takes Action, Day One of Strike

Minnesota Snow Plow Drivers Strike Amidst Winter Weather Advisory

Joliet Cultivation Facility Votes To Unionize

MercyOne nurses approve labor strike

The Equal Rights Amendment Can’t Be Defeated by Anti-Trans Scare Tactics Teen Vogue

The unmapped chemical complexity of our diet Nature

Our understanding of how diet affects health is limited to 150 key nutritional components that are tracked and catalogued by the United States Department of Agriculture and other national databases. Although this knowledge has been transformative for health sciences, helping unveil the role of calories, sugar, fat, vitamins and other nutritional factors in the emergence of common diseases, these nutritional components represent only a small fraction of the more than 26,000 distinct, definable biochemicals present in our food—many of which have documented effects on health but remain unquantified in any systematic fashion across different individual foods. … The maxim of Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin — ‘you are what you eat’ — remains as pertinent today, in the era of modern medicine, as it did in 1826.

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