Wednesday’s news links – Jan. 15, 2020

Homeless moms evicted from West Oakland house, arrests made SF Chronicle

Police Use Tanks And Weapons Of War To Arrest Homeless Black Women Staying In Vacant House NewsOne

Earthquake forecast for Puerto Rico: Dozens more large aftershocks are likely The Conversation

A “Jeopardy!” Contestant Asked, “What Is Palestine?” The Game Show Gave the Wrong Answer. The Intercept


“Somebody’s gotta stand up”: Miners block coal from leaving Pike County after weeks without pay Mountain News

Indigenous Peoples

Mohawk Nation News: ‘Cana’jon (Canada) Committing ‘Acts of War’ on Wetsuweten’

Canadian police block access to Wet’suwet’en pipeline resistance camp

California’s Indigenous History Is a Story of Genocide and Resistance Truthout

Guatemalan Indigenous leader Daniel Pascual denounces political persecution Peoples Dispatch

Guatemalan organizations denounce political persecution of Indigenous leader Daniel Pascual Peoples Dispatch

NLG calls upon U.S. to immediately comply with International Humanitarian Law in its illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Islands

France strikes

French unions reject Macron’s concessions, demand complete rollback of pension reforms Peoples Dispatch

U.S. war drive

Please Stop With the Idiotic Nonsense That Iraqi Vote to Expel US Troops Was “Non-Binding” Juan Cole

Esper Says US Has Legal Authority to Attack Iranian Soil Sputnik

US Military Spending: Trillions of Dollars Unaccounted For Off-Guardian

Global warming

Like Adding ‘Five to Six Hiroshima Bombs of Heat Each Second,’ Study Shows Oceans Warming at Record Rate Common Dreams

Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement Smithsonian

China aims to break US high-tech stranglehold Asia Times


That Jennifer Lopez Snub Is Only the Beginning of the 2020 Oscars’ Latino Problem Vanity Fair

Sam Mendes’s “1917,” a film of patriotic bombast Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“Joker” isn’t remotely Oscar-worthy, and these better but snubbed films prove it Salon

Joker’s Oscar Nominations Are a Joke Slate

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