Saturday’s news links – Jan. 11, 2020

U.S. war drive

State Department tells Iraq it will not discuss US troop withdrawal CNBC

Pompeo’s Gulf Of Tonkin Incident Gareth Porter

So The US Is Invading Iraq Again Caitlin Johnstone

In Iraq The U.S. Is Again An Occupation Force As It Rejects To Leave As Demanded Moon of Alabama

ISIS praises US murder of Iranian general Soleimani as ‘divine intervention’ that will help them rise again

Ukrainian aircraft was brought down in Iran due to human error: Iran state TV Reuters

The aircraft flew too close to a military installation and was mistakenly targeted by missile defense.

“We Want Iran To Behave Like A Normal Nation”: US Imposes Sanctions On Virtually Entire Iranian Economy Tyler Durden

With the latest sanctions targeting steel, aluminum, copper and iron as well as sectors of the economy such as construction, manufacturing, textiles and mining, it now appears that virtually the entire Iranian economy is off-limits to any nation that has diplomatic ties with the U.S. Sanctions are now a siege, which is a form of open warfare.

U.S. Strike on Iranian Commander in Yemen the Night of Suleimani’s Assassination Killed the Wrong Man Intercept

Puerto Rico

More earthquakes hit Puerto Rico, island stands in fear Axios

Puerto Rico wasn’t ready for earthquakes — especially not after Hurricane Maria Grist

On strike

East Providence bus drivers schedule strike-authorization vote

In What May be the Largest Strike in World History, Millions in India Protest PM Modi’s Policies Mint Press

Strike by millions of workers hit businesses in India AP

France strikes: nurses, teachers and lawyers join pension protests Guardian

At the Heart of France’s Long Strikes, a Fight Between the Haves and the Have-Nots NYTimes

Times report is a little confused, as it refers to union leaders as bosses. Opening paragraph:

A bright red tapestry featuring the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara over the words “Onward toward victory!” exhorts strikers not to give up, in the union’s dingy local headquarters. Outside, the local’s boss shouted through a megaphone at the Gare de Lyon train station: “The rich should never forget: There will always be the sweat of the poor on their money!”

Why Are There So Few Black Coaches in the NFL? It’s the Racism, Stupid. Dave Zirin

Women outpace men on U.S. payrolls Axios


This Might Be The Final Episode Of Juan Guaidó’s Surreal Venezuela Regime-Change Reality Show Grayzone

China to become first to realize UN goal of ‘no poverty’ China Daily

Project 1619

Capitalism needs racism: A response to the NYT 1619 Project Peoples World

Project 1619 and Its Detractors Counterpunch

Australia burning

Australia’s fires have pumped out more emissions than 100 nations combined MIT Technology Review

Capitalism and the Gut-Wrenching Hijack of India Counterpunch

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