Thursday’s news links – Jan. 9, 2020

Puerto Rico earthquake

Puerto Ricans left homeless after biggest quake in century LATimes

Puerto Rico counts cost of worst earthquake in a century – in pictures Guardian

U.S. war drive

Iranian Messages Behind Attacking US Bases in Iraq, and the Consequences Internationalist 360°

Iranian FM: Iraqi Gov’t Informed of Attacks against US Bases FARS (report from Iran)

Trump Has Conducted a War on Iran for 19 Months; Iran Finally Hit Back Common Dreams

The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani Strategic Culture

The story behind Soleimani’s assassination seems to go much deeper than what has thus far been reported, involving Saudi Arabia and China as well the US dollar’s role as the global reserve currency.

Beware Imperialist Gaslighting: Assassination is Not Legal Internationalist 360°

When war pays dividends Axios

War. What is it good for? The stock market, it turns out.

Will This Billionaire-Funded Think Tank Get Its War With Iran? The Nation

U.S. Media Outlets Fail to Disclose U.S. Government Ties of ‘Iranian Journalist’ Echoing Trump Talking Points Responsible Statecraft

250 million workers out against Modi.


World’s largest strike stops India: 250 million workers out against Modi AsiaNews


This might be the final episode of Juan Guaidó’s surreal regime change reality show Greyzone

The farcical scene of Juan Guaido attempting to break into Venezuela’s National Assembly as its members voted him out was just the latest chapter in an absurdly bungled coup attempt, and brings Trump’s policy to a dead end.

Twitter Suspends Dozens of Accounts of Venezuelan Officials Orinoco Tribune

Evo Morales Accuses Bolivian De Facto Government of “Savagery” Resumen

It’s not just Australia — Indonesia is facing its own climate disaster Grist

How the oil industry has spent billions to control the climate change conversation Guardian

Ecuador Ends 2019 with Billions of Dollars Less in International Reserves than IMF Had Predicted, Due to IMF-Endorsed Austerity Measures CEPR

How Political Fact-Checkers Distort the Truth The New Republic

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