Monday’s news link – Jan. 6, 2020

Puerto Rico earthquake: VIDEOS show destruction after 5.8-magnitude tremor hits US territory

A powerful earthquake has unleashed havoc in Puerto Rico, leaving many in the US territory without power. The quake is reportedly one of the largest to date to hit the island.

U.S. war drive

Colin Kaepernick attacks US ‘imperialism’ in wake of Suleimani strike Guardian

Trump’s threats draw Iran’s cultural sites into tensions AP

Targeting cultural sites is a war crime under the 1954 Hague Convention for the protection of cultural sites. The United Nations Security Council also passed unanimously a resolution in 2017 condemning the destruction of heritage sites.

Iraqi Parliament Expels Foreign Militaries From Iraq Moon of Alabama

Trump officials tried to stop Iraqi expulsion vote Axios

Trump threatens Iraq with sanctions “like they’ve never seen before” if it asks U.S. to leave Axios

AOC, Ilhan Omar Accuse Trump of Tweeting ‘War Crimes’ Threats Against Tehran Sputnik

US detains more than 60 Iranian Americans at Canadian border Middle East Eye

The USA is now at war, de-facto and de-jure, with BOTH Iraq and Iran The Saker

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdl Mahdi has now officially revealed that the US had asked him to mediate between the US and Iran and that General Qassem Soleimani to come and talk to him and give him the answer to his mediation efforts. Thus, Soleimani was on an OFFICIAL DIPLOMATIC MISSION as part of a diplomatic initiative INITIATED BY THE USA.

Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’ Grayzone

America Escalates its “Democratic” Oil War in the Near East Michael Hudson

Trump Threatens Afghan Armageddon Countercurrents

The So-Called War on Terror Has Killed Over 801,000 People and Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Analysis Common Dreams

Flashback: Trump Warned That a ‘Weak’ and ‘Ineffective’ President Would Start a War With Iran to ‘Get Re-elected’ Rolling Stone

Indigenous Peoples

All Eyes on Wet’suwet’en: International Call for Week of Solidarity! UNIST’OT’EN


Union vote set this month at Durham School Services

Spectrum’s Electricians Caught in the Switches

Inflatable Rat At Joliet’s New Panera Bread

Harvard Graduate Student Union Returns to Work Following 27-Day Strike

The Doomsday Machine Returns: Citibank Has Sold Protection on $858 Billion of Credit Default Swaps Rigged Game

Fed focuses on repo market exit strategy after avoiding year-end crunch Reuters

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