Wednesday’s news links – Jan. 1, 2020

Hunger Strike at El Paso Processing Center, Texas 

Ramsey Orta filmed the killing of Eric Garner, so the police punished him The Verge

New York City MTA’s Crackdown on Fare Evasion Is War on the Poor Teen Vogue



US Embassy in Iraq evacuated amid angry protests over airstrikes PressTV

Pentagon Orders Over 100 Marines to Secure American Embassy in Iraq Newsweek

Trump threatens Iran after Baghdad embassy attacked AFP


French public on our side, says defiant union leader four weeks into strike France24

Board game exposing French wealth gap is an unexpected Christmas hit RFI

Chelsea Manning

Here Are Five Ways to Support Chelsea Manning in 2020 Truthout

UN Expert Calls Detention of Chelsea Manning ‘Open-Ended, Progressively Severe, Coercive Measure Amounting to Torture’ Common Dreams

How a Chase Bank Chairman Helped the Deposed Shah of Iran Enter the U.S. NYTimes


WaPo’s Afghan Papers Propagate Colonial Narrative of Noble Intentions Gone Awry FAIR

Bolivia coup

Evo Morales Says He Is ‘Absolutely Convinced’ US Led Coup in Bolivia to Exploit Lithium Reserves Common Dreams

Bolivia coupistas expelling Mexican ambassador LATimes

Mexico’s Zapatistas host “Women Who Fight” gathering AP


Seventy Years of U.S. Destabilisation in China. U.S. Sponsored Uyghur Insurgency in Xinjiang Shane Quinn

Health care

Abandoned By Coal, Swallowed By Opioids? NBER

U.S. diabetes patients turn to ‘black market’ for medications, supplies Reuters

Industrial food-like products

How Crisco toppled lard—and made Americans believers in industrial food New Food Economy

Capitalism’s Failures Have Millennials Reconsidering Communism Truthdig

Class warfare

Janitors may walk-off job to end 2019 Amsterdam News

No New Talks As Asarco Strike Enters 12th Week LaborPress

Google Might Not Be a Good Place to Work After All MTD

Fired Google Workers To File Federal Labor Charges Against The Firm

USPS Could Privatize As Early As Next Year Fortune

Driver training was reportedly too much of “a bottleneck” for Amazon ars technica

Inside Documents Show How Amazon Chose Speed Over Safety in Building Its Delivery Network ProPublica

The Holidays Suck For Gig Workers Motherboard

Forecast 2020 Michael Roberts

Mainstream economic forecasts for 2020 are generally mildly optimistic. … Maybe these forecasts will prove to be right. But eventually, the fundamental factors of profits and investment must override the counteracting factors of low interest and unemployment. Profits rule investment and investment rules employment and income, and that rules spending. The fantasy world cannot continue much longer. 2020 may be the year that it collapses.

One of the CIA’s mass killers in Indonesia has died The Economist

Cops Proudly Brag About Terrorizing the Poor During Christmas with “Homeless Quilt”


It’s Not Just You—Wild Swings in Extreme Weather Are Rising Wired

Against Recycling Jacobin

How Oil Companies Avoided Environmental Accountability After 10.8 Million Gallons Spilled ProPublica

The World’s 500 Richest People Increased Their Wealth by $1.2 Trillion in 2019 New York magazine

Digital Divide: What It’s Like to Be a Student Without Internet at Home Teen Vogue

Why your cat is lousy at chess yet way smarter than even the most advanced AI NextWeb

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