Sunday’s news links – Dec. 15, 2019

Indigenous Peoples

Indian activists reoccupy site of former Minneapolis homeless camp StarTribune

Progressives Blast New NLRB Union Elections Rule That ‘Betrays the Workers It Is Meant to Protect’ Common Dreams

Bolivia coup

Evo Morales granted refugee status in Argentina Al Jazeera

Bolivia: the 21st Century Coup d’État and its Crimes Against Humanity Resumen

Why the Media Is Ignoring the Afghanistan Papers New Republic

Secret Files: Untold Story of CIA Covert Operations in Tibet Sputnik

West Point, Annapolis Officials Investigating Possible ‘White Power’ Hand Sign Wall Street Journal

Army and Navy officials try to determine meaning of hand signs that service academy personnel appeared to use on national TV during Army-Navy football game

Protests rage as US, UK warn on travel to northeast India  AFP

Lying by Bush and Obama over Afghanistan is this era’s Pentagon Papers NY Post

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