Saturday’s news links – Dec. 14, 2019

50 years ago, LAPD raided the Black Panthers. SWAT teams have been targeting black communities ever since LATimes

Student Loan Debt: Unsafe In Any Amount Popular Resistance

Sarah Prestoza and Brenda Roberts (4th and 5th individuals in the picture from Left to Right) on a CWA delegation trip to the Philippines. Photo: CWA


Why U.S. and Filipino Call Center Workers Are Working Together Common Dreams

Teamsters Organize First E-Scooter Company

How Hollywood Subtly Reinforces Wage Slavery American Conservative

Repo is Wall Street’s big year-end worry. Why? Reuters

Stock Markets Failed To Rally On China Trade Deal, Here’s Why Forbes

Bolivia’s Morales lands in Argentina, will be granted refugee status OAN


Bleak’ Times for Assange: I Don’t Think There’s Secret Liberal Hiding in Johnson – Craig Murray

Julian Assange denied access to lawyers and vital evidence in US extradition case Countercurrents

Someone Interfered in the UK Election & It Wasn’t Russia Consortium News

China Backs Russia in Slamming ‘Malicious’ U.S. Launch of Missile Banned During Cold War Newsweek

Most neo-Nazi music festivals are closely guarded secrets — not this one in Ukraine Michael Colborne


On Trump’s Executive Order, BDS and the Real Threat of Antisemitism Rabbi Brant Rosen

The Real Purpose of Trump’s Executive Order on Anti-Semitism Masha Gessen

The President’s new order will not protect anyone against anti-Semitism, and it’s not intended to. Its sole aim is to quash the defense—and even the discussion—of Palestinian rights.


Indian state cracks down on protests against discriminatory citizenship law Peoples Digest

Left Parties To Organise Joint Protest On December 19 Against CAB-NRC Countercurrents

Michelle Obama Defending George W. Bush Is a Lesson in Class Solidarity Teen Vogue

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