Tuesday’s news links – Dec. 10, 2019

Bolivia coup

EXCLUSIVE: Indigenous Bolivia Ready to Go to War Against Fascism

Argentine delegation confirms crimes against humanity committed by Bolivian coup regime Peoples Dispatch

Indigenous Peoples

Amazon indigenous leaders killed in Brazil drive-by shooting Guardian


Venezuela’s Civilian Militia Surpasses Target, Reaches 3.3 Million Members Venezuelanalysis

UPS Joins Media Chorus In Thanking Police For Murder of Frank Ordonez MPN

‘Staggering’ New Data Shows Income of Top 1% Has Grown 100 Times Faster Than Bottom 50% Since 1970 Common Dreams


Fairfax Connector To Operate Limited Service As Strike Continues

Two-tiered labor? Privatization on trial in Transdev bus worker strike

EPA, Union Reopen Negotiations After Agency Implements Unilateral Contract

Sacked Google engineers break silence in complaint to US government

AT&T Said to Fire Hundreds at Christmas Amid Trump Tax Bonuses

School bus drivers‘ strike continues with no end in sight

Elon Musk condemns ‘morally outrageous’ pro-union agitation at Tesla

Harvard Graduate Student Union-UAW Strike Page.

Starbucks baristas in Philadelphia are organizing

High Ranking NYPD Officer Is ‘David Duke In Uniform,’ Officer Alleges Gothamist

Carmakers Shed 80,000 Jobs as Electric Shift Upends Industry Bloomberg

On Those Questionable Jobs Numbers….Again! Jack Rasmus

Secret Documents Show We Were ‘Constantly Lied to’ by U.S. Officials Over ‘Unwinnable’ Afghan War Daily Beast Original report at Washington Post

Trump Slammed For Insisting ‘Killer’ Real Estate Jews Will Back Him To Save Their Wealth HuffPost

Wall Street

From Axios

A record amount of money has been pulled out of stocks in 2019

Traders still don’t trust the stock market’s run and are moving money out of equities at a historic level … A report from Refinitiv Lipper cited by WSJ shows the largest outflows in its history, which dates back to 1992.

Investors Bail on Stock Market Rally, Fleeing Funds at Record Pace Wall Street Journal

Investors are flocking to money markets at the highest rate since the financial crisis CNBC

Insiders are selling stock like it’s 2007 CNN

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