Tuesday’s news links – Dec. 3, 2019


Thousands of people across Europe are protesting and striking against Amazon on Black Friday Business Insider

Indigenous Peoples

Mexico’s president pledged to defend Indigenous rights, but he’s attacking them Indian Country Today

Dozens of Murdered Women Are Missing From Puerto Rican Police Records, New Report Finds Intercept

Armed military in Senkata and Sacaba, Bolivia.


Imágenes muestran a las FFAA con armas letales en Senkata y Sacaba La Razón | Bing Translate Version: Images show the armed forces with lethal weapons in Senkata and Sacaba

Security expert: “We have reviewed both Cochabamba and Senkata. The Army did fire and we have shown that they used military caliber firearms.” The coup dictatorship and its armed forces has blatantly lied and evidence is everywhere.

Amid a Violent Crackdown, Bolivia’s Coup Gov’t is Trying to Convict Evo Morales of “Crimes Against Humanity” MPN

How a Mass Bot Network is Pushing the Coup in Bolivia Alan Macleod

Climate change

Millions Around The World Strike on Black Friday for Action on Climate Change Time

Why Are Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Joining the Hong Kong Protests? Sputnik


China No Longer Needs US Parts in its Phones Mish Talk

China overtakes UK in list of highly cited researchers Chemistry World

Our workforce is dying faster than any other wealthy country, study shows USA Today

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