Friday’s news links – Nov. 29, 2019

Indigenous Peoples

On 50th National Day Of Mourning, Indigenous People In Plymouth Say They’re Still Fighting WBUR News

Brazilian president accused of inciting genocide of Indigenous people CBC


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles The Baffler


Climate tipping points — too risky to bet against Nature

Capitalism versus Life on Earth Climate & Capitalism

Capitalist crisis

The fantasy world continues Michael Roberts

The fantasy world continues. In the US and Europe, stock market index levels are hitting new all-time highs. Bond prices are also near all-time highs. Investment in both stocks and bonds are delivering massive profits for the financial institutions and companies. Conversely, in the ‘real’ economy, particularly in the productive sectors of industry and transport, the story is dismal. The world’s auto industry is in serious decline. Layoffs of workers are on the agenda in most auto companies. The manufacturing sectors in most major economies are contracting. And as measured by the so-called purchasing managers indexes (PMIs), which are indexes of surveys of company managers about the state and prospects for their companies, even the large service sectors are slowing or stagnant.

Belarus’s Soviet Economy Has Worked Better Than You Think Bloomberg

The Army Built to Fight ‘Medicare for All’ Politico

Boeing 777X’s fuselage split dramatically during September stress test Seattle Times

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