Thursday’s news links – Nov. 28, 2019

National Day of Mourning United American Indians of New England

International Indian Treaty Council to Host Indigenous Peoples Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Alcatraz Occupation Native News Online


60 Arrested As Airline Food Workers Protest At JFK Labor Press

39 arrested at PHL in nationwide airline catering worker protest against American Airlines Inquirer

S.I. Amazon Warehouse Called More Dangerous Than A Coal Mine Labor Press

Activists Build a Grass-Roots Alliance Against Amazon NYTimes

Keystone XL: police discussed stopping anti-pipeline activists ‘by any means’ Guardian

Bolivia coup

Bolivia: The Great Resistance Assembly Deliberated in Cochabamba Internationalist 360°

Bolivia: They are Killing Us, Comrades! Internationalist 360°

Bolivian Coup Government Names Evo Morales “Terrorist” Amid Heavy Repression Of His Supporters SouthFront


Venezuela and the embargo Matias Vernengo, Associate Professor of Economics, Bucknell University


Chile Despertó! Chile Has Woken Up! The Rising Fight Against Neo-Liberalism in Chile Alison Bodine

The Organization of American States: “The Ministry of Colonies” Resumen

Chicago conference to relaunch National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression a huge success FightBack! News


Three keys to Fidel’s party Granma

Three key concepts, that sustain the essential political instrument that is our Party, are unity, providing an example, and sacrifice, as confirmed by notable historians, philosophers, writers, and journalists

How Cuban art fed Africa’s liberation struggles BBC

Dying too young: Deaths among middle-aged adults reversing life expectancy trends NBC

Women, racial minorities and people living in the Ohio Valley are hit hardest by this “distinctly American phenomenon.”

Trump signs bill expressing support for Hong Kong protesters Axios


North American Mining Company Aura Minerals Linked to Drug Trafficking in Honduras

The Privatized Internet — Entire .ORG Domain Registry Sold to Investment Equity Firm “Ethos Capital”; Registration Fee Restrictions Removed Down With Tyranny

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