Wednesday news links – Nov. 27, 2019

Indigenous Peoples

United American Indians of New England host 50th National Day of Mourning Indianz

For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning CNN

Leonard Peltier on the Meaning of Thanksgiving The Red Nation

The Myth of the First Thanksgiving is a Buttress of White Nationalism and Needs to Go History News Network

No thanks: Native Americans to hold 50th gathering of grief AP

How the spirit of the indigenous occupation of Alcatraz lives on, 50 years later

National Day of Mourning Reflects on Thanksgiving’s Horrific, Bloody History Boston

Bolivia coup

Is Bolivia turning into a rightwing military dictatorship? Nick Estes

‘The Murders Must Stop’ Der Spiegel – Interview with Evo Morales

Repressive violence is sweeping Bolivia. The Áñez regime must be held to account Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky , Molly Crabapple, John Pilger and others

Wall Street Shocked Argentine President-Elect Who Ran Against It Not Eager To Do What It Wants Dealbreaker

How World Bank Arbitrators Mugged Pakistan Project Syndicate


Amazon Workers Are Protesting for Better Conditions Ahead of a Grueling Season Vice

Amazon’s Own Numbers Reveal Staggering Injury Rates at Staten Island Warehouse Gizmodo

Ruthless Quotas at Amazon Are Maiming Employees The Atlantic

Google Fires 4 Workers Active in Labor Organizing NYTimes

McDonald’s Agrees To Pay $26 Million To Settle Accusations Of Wage Theft NPR

Massachusetts Teamsters end Republic strike, quit jobs Waste Dive

Activists Build a Grass-Roots Alliance Against Amazon NYTimes

NYC Students Strike to Demand Racial Equity in Nation’s Largest—and Most Segregated—School District Common Dreams

Angry Venetians say cruise ships are partly to blame for flooding TreeHugger

Class Warfare Is All the Rage at the Movies New York

Former Clinton strategist Mark Penn counsels President Trump on impeachment Washington Post

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