Thursday’s news links – Nov. 21, 2019

Bolivia coup

Bolivia: Military Operation in Senkata Left 8 Dead, 30 Wounded teleSUR

Hatred of the Indian. By Álvaro García Linera Álvaro García Liner

A letter to intellectuals who deride revolutions in the name of purity Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Ana Maldonado, Pilar Troya Fernández, and Vijay Prashad

Social Movements and Progressive Governments Marta Harnecker

Elizabeth Warren endorses Trump’s economic war on Venezuela, then soft-pedals far-right Bolivia coup Ben Norton

Bolivia’s De Facto Government Constructs the Internal Enemy Marco Teruggi, Internationalist 360°


A Rising Tide: Inside the Union Organizing Wave Taking Over Los Angeles Nonprofits Strikewave

How a Gig Worker Revolt Begins NYTimes

Housekeepers Call Out Marriott’s ‘Green Choice’ Program Labor411

Google Hires Firm Known for Anti-Union Efforts NYTimes

Indigenous Peoples

Why Alcatraz Matters to Native Americans NYTimes


Chile’s Police Suspend Use of Pellets After 270 Eye Injuries teleSUR

Photo: Bogota Post


Colombian Workers Launch General Strike AFL-CIO

Colombia: Workers Denounce Raids on Organizations Before Strike teleSUR

Nine reasons why Colombians are going on strike Peoples Dispatch

Russia’s Putin says shale oil technologies are ‘barbaric’ CNBC

The Roger Stone – Wikileaks – Russia Hoax Craig Murray

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is the Trans Day of Remembrance, and 311 Trans people were murdered this year Newsweek

Transgender New Yorkers Rally To End ‘Stop And Frisk For Trans Women’ Gothamist

The Electoral College’s Racist Origins The Atlantic

Science Isn’t Always Perfect—But We Should Still Trust It Time

For several decades, there has been an extensive and organized campaign intended to generate distrust in science, funded by regulated industries and libertarian think-tanks whose interests and ideologies are threatened by the findings of modern science. In response, scientists have tended to stress the success of science. After all, scientists have been right about most things, from the structure of the universe (the Earth does revolve around the sun, rather than the other way around) to the relativity of time and space (relativistic corrections are needed to make global positioning systems work).

The Long-Forgotten Flight That Sent Boeing Off Course Atlantic

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