Friday’s news links – Nov. 15, 2019

Bolivia coup

‘We Don’t Want Any Dictators’: Bolivians Flood Streets to Protest Right-Wing, Anti-Indigenous Coup Common Dreams

‘We freed ourselves of IMF & had big plans on exports’: Exiled Bolivian president Morales blasts coup & hints at US role in it RT

Evo’s “crime”: Bretton Woods bosses were kicked out of Bolivia Countercurrents

Supporters of ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales take part in a rally in La Paz.

Bolivians protest self-declared “interim president” and police tear gas thousands of Evo Morales supporters Countercurrents

Massive Mobilization in Buenos Aires Against Coup in Bolivia teleSUR

Oppose the Military Coup in Bolivia. Spare Us Your “Critiques” Counterpunch

Exclusive interview with Evo Morales teleSUR

The US EMBASSY in La Paz continues carrying out covert actions in Bolivia to support the coup d’état against the bolivian President Evo Morales. Behind Back Doors

Indigenous Peoples

Charter school for American Indians is rejected after NC board rules it is too divisive News&Observer


Workers to strike over outsourcing at University of California hospitals and campuses Sacramento Bee

Meet the Immigrants Who Took On Amazon Wired

Why is the Workplace a Dictatorship?

Harvard students walk out en masse from Israeli consul talk (and liberal Zionists are saddened) Mondoweiss

King Of NFL Shade Eric Reid Side-Eyes Colin Kaepernick’s NFL ‘Workout’ Newsone

Colin Kaepernick could be heading back to the NFL if his Saturday “workout” with team owners goes well. However, Eric Reid of the Carolinas Panthers, who was part of the lawsuit against the NFL, is calling BS, like he always do and we love him for it.

US Has Spent $6.4 Trillion on Wars That Killed 800,000 Since 9/11 Attacks – Report Sputnik

Capitalist crisis

The Fed’s Big Lie on Its Repo Loans Wall Street on Parade

There is nothing in the legislation that created the Fed, the Federal Reserve Act, that allows it to be the lender-of-last-resort to the trading houses on Wall Street. … And yet, bailing out Wall Street is exactly what the Fed has been doing since September 17 of this year and what it did secretly to the tune of $29 trillion during the financial crisis from December 2007 to the middle of 2010.

Top cosmologist’s lonely battle against ‘Big Bang’ theory

Ancient Inca city located 13,000 feet high in Peruvian Andes revealed by laser technology Newsweek

Diabetes in Mexico: From Rare Disease to Epidemic in 30 Years Herald Tribune

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