Thursday’s news links – Nov. 14, 2019

Bolivia coup

#ThisIsACoup #NoCoupInBolivia The Red Nation

What the coup against Evo Morales means to Indigenous People like me Nick Estes, Guardian

Top Bolivian coup plotters were School of the Americas grads, served as attachés in FBI police programs Grayzone

Bolivia Coup Led By Christian Fascist Paramilitary Leader And Millionaire – With Foreign Support Grayzone

Militias in Bolivia Are Burning the Indigenous Flag in Public Plazas Truthout

Bolivian Senate’s Leader Attacked By Police and Coup Supporters teleSUR

Bolivia’s New Self-Declared “Interim President” Believes Indians Are “Satanic”, Shouldn’t Be Allowed in Cities Marko Marjanović

Race is Central to Both Revolution and Reaction in Latin America Black Agenda Report

“My sin was being indigenous, leftist, and anti-imperialist,” Evo said after being coerced into resigning this week.




Chile: Repression Reaches Levels Similar to Pinochet Era teleSUR

DC Police Attempted To Arrest Code Pink Activist Medea Benjamin For Allegedly ‘Assaulting’ Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shadowproof

Megan Rapinoe Dedicates Women Of The Year Acceptance Speech To Colin Kaepernick HuffPost

Boris Johnson’s amnesty for Northern Ireland soldiers is a license to kill Finian Cunningham

Capitalist crisis

Trump’s Trade Wars Make Bad Situation Worse Forbes

The head of Southwest’s pilots union said Boeing is trying to rush the 737 Max back into service out of ‘arrogance’ Business Insider

How economists blew the analysis of the manufacturing jobs shock AngryBear

Gougers ‘R’ Us: How Private Equity Is Gobbling Up Medical Care American Conservative

The economics of modern imperialism Michael Roberts

Unrest at French universities after student sets himself alight over debts Guardian

U.S. to Revisit Greenland Approach in D.C. Meeting With Danes Bloomberg

Minnesota school threw out hot meals of students with over $15 lunch debt, then apologized NBC

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