Wednesday’s news links – Oct. 23, 2019


GM Worker Killed on Picket Line in Tennessee Payday Report

Striking Mack Trucks workers irked after company cuts their health care plans Morning Call

First Fast Food Workers Union in US Prepares to Strike Truthout

The Chicago Teachers Strike: ‘Until We Get What Our Students Deserve’ Common Dreams


Peru government taps armed forces to unblock copper protests Reuters


Protests in Haiti: An Overlooked Crisis the World Should Not Ignore Real News Network


Evo’s victory is a victory for Bolivia Granma

Zimbabwe declares new public holiday to protest US sanctions ABC

Half the World’s Banks Are Too Weak to Survive a Downturn, McKinsey Says Bloomberg

Puerto Rican revolutionary Oscar López Rivera

Longest-held US political prisoner sends support from Puerto Rico to Venezuela Oscar López

737 MAX Produces More Bad News For Boeing Moon of Alabama

Cities see signs of recession on the horizon Axios

Walter Rodney’s Legacy ROAPE

Superhero films are ‘cynical exercise’ to make profits for corporations – Ken Loach Guardian

Assange in Court Craig Murray

How Democrats Became the Party of Monopoly and Corruption Matt Stoller, Vice

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