Thursday’s news links – Oct. 17, 2019


Chicago teachers to strike in nation’s 3rd largest district AP

Chicago teachers are on the brink of a strike Chicago Tribune

CPS Strike is Officially On As Teachers Union, Chicago Mayor Fail to Reach a Last-Minute Deal Chicago Tribune

Vice President of Chicago Teachers Union Stacy Davis Gates speaks to the media concerning negotiations between the union and the mayor on Oct. 16, 2019. Photo: Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune

Target Is Cutting Employees’ Hours To Offset Its Wage Hike, Workers Say CNN

UAW Reaches Tentative Agreement w/ GM that Could End Strike Payday Report

UAW Will Require GM Workers to Vote on Ending Strike Payday Report

UAW & GM Have an Agreement. Will Strikers Vote Yes? Labor Notes


Ecuador’s Leftist Leaders Arrested in Police Raids Nationwide teleSUR

Statement on Crimes against Humanity in Ecuador Resumen

Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay: Decisive Elections in Latin America Resumen

Ukraine’s Prime Minister under fire for speaking at a neonazi event Morning Star


How Capitalism ‘Solved’ the Nitrogen Crisis (continued) Climate & Capitalism

WSJ, NYT Celebrate ‘Shale Revolution’ for Investor Class, Despite Its Leading to Our Doom FAIR

Marx on the metabolic rift: how capitalism cuts us off from nature Monthly Review

How Coca Cola Tried to Buy Off Ray Rogers and End the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke Corporate Crime Reporter

For the past fifteen years, Ray Rogers has spearheaded the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke.

Rogers says it’s a campaign to hold Coca-Cola Company, its bottlers and subsidiaries accountable and “to end the gruesome cycle of violence and collaboration with paramilitary thugs, particularly in Colombia.”

“These atrocities include the systematic intimidation, kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders and members of their families in efforts to crush their unions,” Rogers says. “Countries like Colombia and Guatemala, a strong union can mean the difference between life and death for people who dare to challenge corporate and political abuses.

Presidential ‘Debates’ Aren’t Debates at All – They’re Joint Press Conferences Consortium News

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