Monday’s news links – Oct. 14, 2019

Indigenous Peoples

A Guide to Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day BGD

Indigenous Mapuche pay high price for Argentina’s fracking dream Guardian

Columbus Day is a celebration of the erasure of Indigenous peoples like me from the story of American colonisation Metro

“I Will Return and Become Millions” The Greatest Legacy of Tupak Amaru Awaska

Ten Years After Coup in Honduras, Mobilizations of Native and Black People Persevere, Make Demands Awaska

Indigenous Canoes Paddle San Francisco Bay To Honor 50th Anniversary Of Alcatraz Occupation Native News Online


UAW ups strike benefits for GM workers CNN

Arizona Republic journalists vote in favor of unionizing newsroom Arizona Republic

Ecuador: Nation on Military Lockdown teleSUR


California’s Power Outages Are About Wildfires—But Also Money Wired

Think California’s Preemptive Blackouts Are Scary? Buckle Up Gizmodo

California’s power outage means problems for electric cars. Tesla says charge up, quick. Washington Post

My Letter to the Editor of New York Times Magazine Sully Sullenberger

In “What Really Brought Down the Boeing 737 MAX?” William Langewiesche draws the conclusion that the pilots are primarily to blame for the fatal crashes of Lion Air 610 and Ethiopian 302. In resurrecting this age-old aviation canard, Langewiesche minimizes the fatal design flaws and certification failures that precipitated those tragedies, and still pose a threat to the flying public.

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