Sunday’s news links – Oct. 13, 2019


Ecuador is a Time Bomb: How Long will the Crisis Last? Resumen

Ecuador Declares Force Majeure On All Oil Operations As Protests Escalate OilPrice

Quite, Ecuador

Texas Police Officer Fatally Shoots Black Woman Inside Her Own Home During Welfare Check Dailey Beast

Treated Like Meat: Women in Meatpacking Say #MeToo In These Times

These Sheriffs Release Sick Inmates to Avoid Paying Their Hospital Bills ProPublica

Indigenous Peoples

Police: 4,632 citations issued, 46 arrested amid stepped-up traffic enforcement near Maunakea Access Road West Hawaii Today


Riots Break Out In Haiti Following Mysterious Murder of Journalist Amid Anti-Government Protests The Root

Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapse: What we know, don’t know day after tragedy Times-Picayune

It is time to try out an “ecological Leninism” Monthly Review

African languages are the fastest growing in the United States Quartz

New evidence shows how asteroid dust cloud may have sparked new life on Earth 470m years ago Guardian

Reporting The U.S. Workplace a free school for labor journalism

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