Friday’s news links – Oct. 11, 2019


Cuomo Blocking Unemployment Benefits to 3,400 GM Strikers Payday Report

As Grad Union Vows to Authorize Strike, Organizers Rally for Support Harvard Crimson

Gig Workers Are Forming the World’s First Food Delivery App Unions Vice

Bankrupt U.S. Coal Producer Closes Four Mines After Prices Slump Bloomberg

An Indigenous woman wears a mask during a protest in the Historic Center neighborhood of Quito, Ecuador, on Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019. As Ecuadorian protesters infuriated by rising fuel prices invaded government offices and oil fields, the president and his administration fled the capital. Photographer: David Diaz Arcos/Bloomberg


Indigenous Leader Killed in Ecuador Unrest, Agency Says AP

Massive Indigenous March in Quito Demands Moreno’s Resignation Latin Dispatch

Defying repression, tens of thousands of Ecuadorians take part in national strike Peoples Dispatch

Correa says Ecuadorian government package is part of neoliberal plan for Latin America Paul Antonopoulos

Ecuador: Social Responses to Neoliberal Violence Magdalena León

Ecuador, Society’s Reaction to IMF Austerity Package: An Economic Analysis Resumen

General Strike Against the IMF Shuts Down Ecuador Left Voice


Major Media Bury Groundbreaking Studies of Pentagon’s Massive Carbon Bootprint FAIR

Hands off Greta Thunberg! Climate & Capitalism

Power cut to millions as California faces heightened wildfire risks Reuters

Why the PG&E Blackouts Spared California’s Big Tech HQs Wired

Silicon Valley companies are served by safer, robust transmission lines. Regular homes? Not so much.

Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions Guardian

The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me George Monbiot

Iran Oil Tanker Hit by Missiles in Red Sea Near Saudi Arabia Bloomberg

‘This Is Appalling’: Horror as Trump Launches Unhinged Attacks on Omar and Somali Refugee Community at Minnesota Rally Common Dreams

Why is Hong Kong losing out to mainland China? Andre Vltchek

Corruption is rife in the world’s most expensive city, but is that Beijing’s fault?

The spirit of eugenics is still with us, as immigrants know to their cost Kenan Malik

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