Monday’s news links – Oct. 7, 2019


UAW says GM labor talks ‘have taken a turn for the worse’ CNBC


Haiti: People’s Insurrection Against the Government Continues Peoples Dispatch

Indigenous women walking toward Quito and people closing the road in Cangagua, Pichincha, Ecuador, Oct. 5. 2019. Photo: EFE


Thousands of Indigenous Farmers Head Towards Ecuador’s Capital teleSUR

Alert about the ‘State of Exception’ in Ecuador Resumen

Ecuador: The Time of People’s Rebellion Resumen

Indigenous Peoples

My Community Is Warming Three Times Faster Than the Rest of the World Vice

The Vuntut Gwitchin in northern Yukon became among the first Indigenous communities to declare a climate crisis.

North Korea-US talks derailed in Sweden Asia Times

The Census Fails to Count 100 Million People as Living in Poverty Real News Network

Why is the Army Still Honoring Confederate Generals? Intercept

Fact-check: They signed the Declaration of Independence — but nearly three-quarters also owned slaves Chicago Sun-Times

Michael Moore on Joker

As “Joker” opens this weekend, Joker, Jr. Is still still sitting at John F. Kennedy’s desk in the Oval Office on the days he shows up to work, dreaming of his next conquest and debauchery.

But this movie is not about Trump. It’s about the America that gave us Trump — the America which feels no need to help the outcast, the destitute. The America where the filthy rich just get richer and filthier.

Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement Smithsonian

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