Saturday’s news links – Oct. 5, 2019

60 Amazon Workers Walked Out Over Warehouse Working Conditions Vice

Ecuador uprising

Ecuador declares state of emergency as fuel protesters battle police Reuters

‘Madness is Over’, Ecuador’s President Moreno Warns Protesters teleSUR

Follow Camila Escalante, teleSUR correspondent on the ground in Quito, Ecuador

Haiti uprising

Jovenel’s Regime is Crumbling in the Face of Popular Fury Haiti Liberte

High stakes for LGBT rights at Supreme Court next week Washington Blade


In Strike Talks, UAW Demands Green Jobs Stay in U.S. Intercept

Pressure mounts on GM and United Auto Workers to make a deal as strike drags into 19th day CNBC

The Seven-Year Auto Loan: America’s Middle Class Can’t Afford Their Cars Wall Street Journal


Day Two: Tony Hernandez’s Trial in New York Aqui Abajo

“State-sponsored drug trafficking”: Who is Tony Hernandez’s middle man, Mario José Calix Hernandez? Aqui Abajo


Iraq death toll rises to 44 as chaotic protests spike AFP


Dakota Access Pipeline Activists Face 110 Years in Prison, Two Years After Confessing Sabotage Intercept

Millions of years of low CO2 … until now Climate & Capitalism

The Lies of Capitalism CounterPunch

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