Friday’s news links – Oct. 4, 2019


GM Shutters All but Three NA Plants in Face of Sustained UAW Strike Industry Week

Carpenters say prominent developer turns blind eye to abuse allegations Workday Minnesota

Amazon Employees Protest Company’s Firing Of Worker For Spending Extra Hour With Dying Relative Newsweek


Day 1: Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernandez’s Trial in New York Aqui Abajo

Trial Context: The Role of the United States and Canada in Supporting a Narco-Government in Honduras

Hong Kong

Some in Hong Kong Feel Frustrated, as Their City is Losing to Mainland China NEO

Hong Kong is losing to Mainland China. Its poverty rates are high, it suffers from corruption and savage capitalism. It is now the most expensive city on earth. People are frustrated, but paradoxically, they are blaming socialist Beijing for their problems, instead of the legacy of British colonialism. ‘Across the line’, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiang and other cities are leaving Hong Kong behind in almost all fields.

Im/migrants and refugees

ICE told him to come on Thursday. He brought 20 others along. Providence Journal


After Aramco, Yemenis Capture 2,000 Saudi Troops and 350 km Land Randi Nord/Geopolitics Alert

Beyond Impeachment: Remove This Regime from Below Counterpunch


The Delusion and Danger of Infinite Economic Growth New Republic

Saving the Planet Without Self-Loathing Jacobin

Kashmir crackdown: A warning of nuclear war between India and Pakistan Axios


Martial Law Unfolding In Iraq: 30 Protesters Shot, Internet Blackout, 24-Hour Curfews Zero Hedge

Citizens’ Demands Step Up in Peru Resumen


35% of the U.S. workforce is now freelancing—10 million more than 5 years ago Fast Company

Military Keynesianism Marches On CounterPunch

US data crashes stock market, threatens Trump Asia Times

Orders of Heavy Trucks Collapse, Layoffs Start Wolf Street

Bad debts make good profits – but what are the social costs? openDemocracy

Trump’s Executive Order is Backdoor Privatization of Medicare Angry Bear

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