Thursday’s news links – Oct. 3, 2019


Black Workers Are the Heartbeat of the GM Strike Mother Jones

In Week Three, GM Strikers Hold Firm for Making Temps Permanent Labor Notes

Chicago teachers to go on strike on October 17 if no deal is reached Reuters

United Auto Workers members picket outside the General Motors Orion Assembly plant in Orion Township, Michigan.


Haiti: Four Killed as Authorities Crack Down on Anti-Government Protests Real News Network

U.N.: Haiti Unrest Harming Hospitals, Orphanages, Students Truthdig

Boeing Engineer, in Official Complaint, Cited Focus on Profit Over Safety on 737 Max NYTimes


Iraq imposes curfew, cuts internet as major protests turn violent EuroNews


The Dow dropped more than 800 points in two days — here’s what’s going on CNBC

Documentary Exposes Wall Street Power Behind Global Gentrification Boom Truthout

No, We Don’t “Need” a Recession J. Bradford DeLong (Clinton Administration Treasury guy)

Wealth Identity Politics: Billionaires Acting Like A Persecuted Minority Is Peak Capitalism Caitlin Johnstone

Indigenous Peoples

‘War for survival’: Brazil’s Amazon tribes despair as land raids surge under Bolsonaro Guardian


Socialism is the only realistic solution to climate change Climate & Capitalism

Understanding Why the Green New Deal Won’t Really Work Our Finite World

NYT Perp Walks a Bronx Neighborhood FAIR

Two people died in a hail of bullets last weekend in the Bronx. One, a plainclothes New York City police officer, Brian Mulkeen; the other, Antonio Williams, accused of wrestling with the cop and possessing a weapon. It turned out to be the second case this year of a fatal so-called “friendly fire” incident, but the New York Times took its cue from law enforcement officials in shaping the early narrative around “gang violence”—impugning an entire neighborhood in the process.

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