Saturday’s news links – Sept. 28, 2019


General Motors Fired Five Mexican Workers For Aiding the U.S. Auto Strike Vice

South Korean GM Workers Send Solidarity to Striking GM Workers in the U.S. Left Voice


I’m Demanding Justice at Saturday’s Trans Visibility March Advocate

AMA declares epidemic as 18 transgender people killed this year Axios

Three white boys held down a black girl at Karen Pence’s school & cut her hair LGBTQ Nation

ICE arrests more than 80 immigrants over 5 days on LI, NYC Newsday


Haiti, Imperialism and the War Against Petrocaribe Lautaro Rivara

Haitians back on the streets in anti-government protests Prensa Latina


The Diplomatic Simulation of Venezuela’s Right in New York Marco Teruggi

US Gives Guaido $52 Million in Funding, Slaps Venezuela With New Sanctions Venezuela Analysis

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: The Treaty of Nanjing Returns Manlio Dinucci


Nearly 2,000 arrested as Egypt braces for anti-Sisi protests Al Jazeera

10 Ways that the Climate Crisis and Militarism are Intertwined Counterpunch

Stocks tumble as US-China tensions escalate Business Insider

A rent-seeking economy? Michael Roberts

In the past, this blog has posted overwhelming empirical evidence that the key to understanding the movement in productive investment remains in the underlying profitability of capital, not in the extraction of rents by a few market leaders, as Wolf and others suggest. If that is right, the Keynesian/mainstream solution of regulation and/or the break-up of monopolies (even if it were politically possible) will not solve the regular and recurrent crises in production and investment or stop rising inequality of wealth and income.

The Fetishization of Employer-Provided Health Care New Republic

Democrats continue to entrench their support for a health care system in which class warfare is a pre-existing condition.

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